Monday, 30 April 2012

Lower river holding........

Held at 0.50m on Ballyduff gauge. Clarity still ~3 feet. 8mm rain here last night, but looks as if it fell mainly in the lower catchment. No word on the upper river yet.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Still dropping.....

                                                 This is the Blackwater @ 09.50 this morning.
The river continued to drop overnight & is @ 0.55m this morning. Clarity is much improved on the lower river & is now ~3 feet. It was already 3 feet on the upper rive yesterday evening.
It is in fly-fishable order on both the upper & lower river today.
Extremely windy day today. More rain forecast for Monday/Tuesday as well.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Upper river improves.................

Clarity improved dramatically to a good 3 feet in the late afternoon on our upper beats.
It was even deemed flyfishable.
Dropped from 0.70m this morning to 0.58m by evening. Clarity still only about 1½ feet on the lower river.
The upper river is still quite high & dirty as is the Awbeg tributary.  Clarity above is ~2 feet.
The forecast now looks quite dry so the river will hopefully come into cracking order this coming week.

The river has fallen away quite quickly & the Ballyduff gauge is @ 0.70 @ 07.45 this morning.
Clarity is still only about 1½  feet however. The river should fine off over the next couple of days as there is now little rain forecast.  Once it does, expect fishing to be outstanding!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Flood peaked. Lower river falls........

 Peaked late yesterday evening at 1.40m. At 07.15 this morning it was down to 1.08m & by 08.15 it was down even further to 0.96.  Clarity is rather poor at ~1-1½ feet.
 The upper river is high, dirty & unfishable & looks to be holding it's height as the Awbeg & Funcheon tributaries are also high & dirty. The Araglen has dropped considerably.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lower river rising all day.....

The river at Ballyduff continued to rise all day & looked to be peaking @ 1.40m @ 21.00.
Clarity approaching 2 feet in the evening.
The river levels is fluctuating every day. It fell from 0.87 to 0.74 overnight, but is rising again on the upper river where all the tributaries are quite full. The lower river is now rising again too & is @ 0.90m @ 13.00.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

We had 6mm rain here overnight. Most of the heavy rain fell further east & didn't get into the catchment.
The river is back up 5cm overnight to 0.70m & still pretty coloured with clarity 1-1½ feet.
The upper river is holding it's level but is still coloured & not fishable today.
There are continuing showers for the latter part of the week, but now looks as if the river should be reasonably fishable towards the weekend with spin/worm, though probably not fly.
All depends on just how much rain will fall & where.

The Ballyduff gauge was on 0.75m this morning at 09.00. It had fallen to 0,65m by nightfall but the clrity was still poor at 1-1½ feet. The upper river was still dirty & unfishable as well but dropping steadily.
There is heavy rain forecast for tomorrow morning with Flood Warnings!
No rods out on the river in the last couple of days due to the high dirty water.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Lower river holds, upper rises........

The river below the Lodge at 15.00
The lower river peaked @ 1.20m this morning with clarity zero. It was down to 0.85m @15.00 with clarity approaching 1 foot.  It was holding @ 0.85m until nightfall. 
The upper river was high, dirty & unfishable too, but falling during the day. However, at 15.00 it had started to rise again rather quickly.

Rising again..........

At 09.00 this morning the gauge at Ballyduff Bridge was on 1.20m & the water was extremely dirty.
The upper river is also high, dirty & unfishable but looks to be starting to drop.
There is some more rain forecast for Wednesday, but then it looks quite dry for the rest of the week.
It looks as if this high water is bringing in a good run of fresh fish with the 2 sea-liced ones reported from upriver at Killavullen on Saturday.
The one 14lb fish looked as if it was an early May fish as we get a good run of larger (10-18lb) fish if we get good water in May.
Once the water settles we should be in for some superb sport.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Another rise on the way......

The Ballyduff gauge was up to 0.60m @18.50, but the clarity was still rather good @ ~3 feet.
One fish was hooked & lost on one of our beats on the lower river on spinner this afternoon.
The upper river was rising rapidly in the late afternoon - up by 80cm.
And now 2.40m @ 18.15........

Upper river rising fast.....

Just had a report that the gauge at Killavullen is up from 1.59m @ 08.15 this morning to 2.29m @17.30 this evening - up 2 feet!

Rising water again

At 13.00, the lower river was up to 0.56 from 0.53m @08.15.
At 16.00, the upper river is reported to have risen about 10cm in a short while, though clarity is still the same.

Lower river best bet.

Lower river peaked last night @ 0.60m & is down to 0.53 @ 08.15. Clarity moderate ~2 feet.
Upper river holding level & clarity rather poor @ 1-1½ feet - just spinnable is the verdict.
Looks to have been a number of showers overnight which will keep the level up on the upper river.
Best chance of a fish is on the lower river.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sea-liced fish upriver!

Just met with an angler who fishes between Castletownroche & Mallow. he showed me a picture of a 14lb fish he caught this morning. He also released another fish about 9lb. Both fell to worms, & both had long-tailed sea-lice. Another couple of fish were met in the area as well.
By late morning the up river had risen 14cm again & was starting to get more coloured.
I know of a double-figure fish lost on a private beat below Fermoy as well, so things are certainly starting to liven up.
13.00 Ballyduff gauge on 0.47m. Clarity there 2½ - 3 feet. Clarity is even better upriver, but there are no reports so far of fish caught or moving on the couple of beats on the upper river where rods are out. No report either from the lower river thus far.

River still falling.....

At 07.20 this morning this was the picture. Gauge height 0.48. Clarity 2½ Feet. Air Temp: +5C
Conditions look perfect & the upper river should be even better. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Coming into Fly Order......

I had a report at 09.45 this morning from someone on the upper river above Mallow who reported that the clarity was 2½+ feet & dropping & that if it was down another couple of inches that it would be good fly height.
At 15.00, the Ballyduff gauge was down to 0.56m & the clarity looked to be 1½ feet & falling.
It should certainly be in reasonably good fly order upriver tomorrow if there's no more rain & possibly OK for fly downriver too, but certainly OK for spin/worming!

Looks like another band of heavy rain coming in on Monday, so best to take the opportunity to get out on the weekend lest it goes out of order again next week.    Rods available!!

River still dropping.............................

At 09.00 this morning the river was at 0.60m on the Ballyduff gauge.  Clarity is 1-1½ feet on the lower river - not really flyfishable, but is reckoned to be somewhat better on the upper river.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The River continues to drop.....

The river has held at 0.70m from 18.00 to 20.00 so probably will only drop very slowly overnight. 
Clarity remains at ~1 foot. No rain today.

The River is Falling & Clearing

This is the situation at 14.00 today. The gauge is on 0.75m & continues to drop. The word from the upper river is that it will be spinnable tomorrow. The clarity down here is also improving rapidly & is ~1 foot so it should be fishable on the lower river too albeit on beats that fish better in higher water.
prospects are looking superb for the coming days.

The Blackwater today 19th. (falling)

 This is the Blackwater at 09.30 this morning 19th.
The river fell rapidly overnight to 0.85m from it's peak yesterday afternoon of 1.75m. The water is very dirty & is being held up by some of the local tributaries which are still running high & coloured.
Depending on any further rainfall it might possibly be spinnable (just) on the upper river tomorrow).

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Highest River Level this Season

The peak of the flood today at 1.75 metres was by far the highest level of the river so far this season.
The previous highest was on the Opening Day on February1st., when it was only 1.10 metres.

The Flood peaks this afternoon.

The river peaked at 1.75m on the Ballyduff gauge mid-afternoon & has started to drop.

The Flood is peaking.

This is the situation on the Blackwater @ 15.00 today. The river rose from 1.65m @14.30 to 1.70m @15.15.  Clarity is actually not that bad consider the height of the water. We will probably have more rain later in the week.

There's a Flood on the way!

This was the Blackwater at 09.00 today.  Heavy rain last night is bringing a big flood onto the river.
It had already risen from 0.36m last night at dusk to 0.90m at 09.00 this morning & is rising fast.
This is the Hut Pool on Upper Kilmurry - "Glenda's Office" as it is affectionately known, at 14.45 today with the gauge at 1.65m. The flood peaked shortly thereafter at ~1.75m & has started to drop by evening.