Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Now we're into the extension of the season ...................

The Extension to October 12th.
There are very few places in the Republic where you can fish for salmon up to October 12.
We are fortunate enough to have been granted this on a trial basis  for this year,
as our runs of fish seem to be coming later and later each year.
The extension is Fly Only, Single Barbless & Catch & release.

Special Late Offer €60/day.

To ensure that we have plenty of rods fishing to help collect data,
we are now offering fishing from now until October 12th. for just €60/rod day.

Promising Prospects.

We have experienced the same phenomenon as most rivers in September with fish being
very reluctant to take.  We have however a very large head of fish in the system,
with lots of fish being seen on most beats each day.

Fly Works Best!

For September, the fly caught more fish that all the other methods put together
which bodes well for the Fly Only extension.
The September total was 138 of which 74 fell to fly.
93 of the fish were released.

The last 12 days of September saw 75 fish caught - of which 41 fell to fly.
Whilst fish were elusive, some anglers managed to do very well. Gerard Bonnet's 3 rod party
from Britanny, France caught 27 fish to 13lb. for their week including 8 on the fly.


Terry McDermott's party from N. Ireland
also had 7 to 10lb. - all on fly.

This fish was taken on the 29th. on the lower river.
It weighed 9.9lb, & was covered in sea-lice.

 Moderate amounts of rain have given us a small (11cm) fresh on the upper river on October 1st.
Hopefully this will encourage more fresh fish to run.

 This translated into a 6cm fresh on the lower river.
Clarity is superb.

This is the river yesterday at midday.
Height 0.39m
Perfect medium high summer level.
Clarity ~ 5 feet.
Absolutely ideal fly conditions.