Friday, 6 December 2013

State Salmon Licence price unchanged for 2014

It's Good News Week  ....................... !
The prices for the State Salmon Licence
will be unchanged for the 2014 Season.

for the prices.

Ireland’s “Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme Regulations for 2014”

The new regulations are available on the Government website
& can be viewed at

The relevant points for the Blackwater are:

- The season will again be extended to October 12, 2014.
- Bag limits remain the same as in 2013.

- Quota increased again.

For the third successive year the TAC (Total Allowable Catch) has been increased for the Cork Blackwater.

In 2012, the Blackwater had the 5th. highest TAC in the Republic with 4,181.

The Blackwater had the 2nd. highest TAC in 2013 when it was increased to 6,631 & this position will be maintained in 2014 when the TAC will be 6,902.

This increasing TAC goes against the trend in the majority of other Irish rivers, where it is being decreased to conserve stocks. This shows the strength of stock levels in the Blackwater catchment which provides ~20% of the total salmon spawning habitat in Ireland in one river system.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Help us say No to Electricity Pylons in our Valley !!!!

If you have ever - or are thinking about visiting the Beautiful Blackwater Valley then please take a little time to read this & add your voice to our protest.
We all appreciate the need for infrastructure, but the alternative is simple.  Bury the lines underground!

Help us say No to Electricity Pylons in our Valley !!!!
Do we really want these monstrosities crossing over our beautiful river?
The Blackwater is known as the "Irish Rhine"   because of the beauty surrounding its majestic valley & meandering course.

Eirgrid are responsible for the electricity distribution network in Ireland.
They are planning on a grid route along or across the Blackwater Valley.
This has been brought in through the back door with little or no publicity or opportunity for the   people of the area to have their say.

There is a public consultation period which ends
this coming Tuesday, November 26 at 17.00

Please help us by adding your voice and input to this process.

Otis Ferry (Son of Roxy Music's Brian Ferry) fished with us in 2010 & knows the beauty of the valley. He emailed me:
Dear Ian.

I hope your keeping well. i don't have much time to write, but a short email is better than nothing given the timeframe.  You will be aware of the pylon threat in the backwater valley, and I wondered of you would use your influence and contact database to get the message out to your regulars and one time visitors that its vital they write and object immediatelyif you wish to save the landscape.
Your webpage would be a good start as it already champions the beauty of the valley.....
What you Need to do NOW please................

All submissions should be sent immediately via, and must be completed before the deadline of 5pm Tuesday 26th November.
The more submissions the better, each letter has to be unique so it would be fantastic to get as many people involved as possible so that
we have a chance of burying these pylons, and saving our beautiful landscape.  

Below is a sample letter that may be of some use.  Please feel free to modify it & use it as you feel appropriate!

Mr. John Lowry, Project Manager, License F5007, Eirgrid PO Box 12213, Glenageary, Dublin 4

Re: Objection to Grid Link corridors in particular at K3, K6 & K19, and also at K11, K12 & K13

Dear Mr. Lowry,
I object to the proposal to place 400kV pylons and overhead wire along planned Route Corridors K16, K21 and K22 of the Eirgrid, Grid Link Project. 
The wildlife that surrounds the Blackwater is a true testament to the wonderful environment we find ourselves in. The otters, the wild salmon, the Whooper swans (protected species under the Annex 1 EU Directive on birds) that inhabit the area are rare and should be protected. Hence, the fact that the Blackwater valley is also recognised by Waterford County Council as a Visually Vulnerable Area, the most sensitive landscape designation available.
I fear the erection of the pylons, I do not want to have to live in fear of my home that I have lived in all of my life.  It sickens me that this is a possibility.  The pylons must go elsewhere where they do not aesthetically destruct the environment and the views that lend themselves to such a unique landscape.  There are other options, these option must be sought out i.e. going underground.  27-60m pylons are not an option as far as I am concerned, this is the same view shared by my surrounding community. 
The welfare of our children are at stake here, and the magnitude of the financial damage to our homes unbearable.  I fear that this is know by Eirgrid, hence the deception of hiding the plans from us and not advertising in our area which will be effected in such a despicable way.  This is in violation of the Aarhus Convention, hiding this information was immoral and unacceptable.  I urge you to thoughtfully reconsider the route and take into account the effects on our beautiful Irish landscape.  
Please confirm receipt of this submission to my address below.
Yours sincerely

Some Useful Links with more Information:

ReThink  Myriad reasons why this project should be stopped.

No           With the Breaking News that Eirgrid will now look into
                                         underground options as the row deepens.

BREAKING NEWS: EirGrid ‘will look at’ underground pylon plan as row deepens - See more at:
BREAKING NEWS: EirGrid ‘will look at’ underground pylon plan as row deepens - See more at:

EirGrid's Overview of this project

Ballaghaderreen Against Pylons
More local voices join the outcry

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

2014 Prices remain the same!

We took the bold step in 2013 to drastically reduce prices in order to combat the recession, so that salmon anglers could keep fishing and new anglers could still be attracted to the sport.
A significantly higher number of anglers than normal supported us in this initiative whose objective
was to provide affordable salmon fishing, and as a result of your much appreciated support
we are able to maintain these attractive prices moving forward into 2014.

Cast your eye on this...............

For the 2014 season, fishing rates on the Lodge 11 exclusive prime beats on the world-famous Cork Blackwater will remain in the range from €15 per day in the early season to €80 per day maximum in the prime time during late summer & autumn.

Opening of the 2014 Season

The season will open as usual on February 1st., 2014
Book Early for 2014!:    It's always advisable to book early to ensure your place
                                            - especially for the prime weeks.

Early Payment Discount:
  Book and pay in full now
                                                 & benefit from a 1% per month discount.
2014 Prices: These are now available on our website.

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Not socks, underwear or Old Spice again!
If you'd like to give
or receive a special gift, why not get a Gift Voucher from us -
for anything from fly-casting tuition to fishing, accommodation or tackle.

Tuition during the Close Season

As always, Glenda will continue to offer tuition throughout the winter months,
so if you'd like to hone your skills before the new season then get in touch with her.

Glenda's latest Video: 
Unwinding - a short video about Glenda's take on life!   

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Superb Day yesterday October 6th. Nine fish to 15½lb...............................................

Total catch for yesterday was nine fish. Best was Tim Harty's 15½lb above which was comparatively clean.
Tim's was the only fish off the lower river but there were at least 7 fish hooked briefly there as fish were taking short as the clarity on the lower river wasn't as good as the upper.
Conor Arnold caught the 3 fish above on one of our upper beats yesterday
The 13lb. was a comparatively clean fish.

Clarity throughout today is excellent & it's perfect fly height. 1.27m at Killavullen & 0.34m at Ballyduff.

Young Jack McNally (who had 2 fish on the topmost beat yesterday) already has two today by 12.00 on the lower river including another clean fish of 12lb.

There's no problem for availability in the last days of the season.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Upper river comes into order & fish taken........

This comparatively clean 9lb. fish was the second of the two taken by Conor Arnold
on one of our uppermost beats this morning.
Another 4 rod party fishing two upper beats have met a couple of fish & are seeing fish running. They report the clarity as a good 2 feet on the upper river @ 13.00.

Picture is river at 12.00 today. Gauge 0.65m.
It's a lovely sunny day & the rain looks as if it's finished with a dry forecast for the next 5 days. The upper river is dropping & fining down well.

The lower river is dropping (coming just to fly height) but the clarity fell from 1½ feet @ 8am to a foot at midday resulting from the rise on the upper river yesterday.

The prospects for the coming days are SUPERB & we have both fishing & accommodation available.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rain & higher water & then dry for next week..............................................

This is the rainfall radar at 07.45 this morning.
Tracking from the South-East so it may not hit the upper catchment.
Some more lighter rain tonight & then the  forecast is dry right through the weekend.

This  is the gauge height at Millstreet - 20 miles above Mallow.
Holding a higher level after the peak of the flood on Tuesday.
This should be good to help clear the river & keep the level up for the fish in the tide to run.

This is the gauge at Killavullen close to the top of our beats.
Shows a similar picture to Millstreet with height being maintained at a good level.

 This is the Ballyduff gauge.
Still falling after the peak of the flood early yesterday.

Just approaching fly height throughout & clarity is a foot or so throughout but improving.

The very latest radar now shows the rain easing & keeping well east of the upper catchment.

Looking superb for the remainder of the season to the 12th.
The river river should come into excellent fly order
& hopefully the fish will all be moving up from the tidal water.
Large numbers of fish running on the upper beats yesterday.

Availability of fishing & accommodation is OK for the remaining 10 days.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Good catches continue............................

The improvement continued yesterday with another 11 fish being caught.
That now makes 23 fish landed in the last 2 days.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fishing picks up in spite of low water............................

 This is the Blackwater below the Lodge today with the Ballyduff gauge on 0.14m!

September started slowly with only six fish in the first week due to very low water.
However, a slight change to cooler, more overcast weather
seems to be livening the fish up a bit!

Two fish per day were caught for last Saturday & Sunday, including a 14 pounder released
on Saturday 7th on fly on the lower river, and a 13 pounder on the 8th - also released on fly.

Yesterday (9th.), 12 fish were caught including nine for 2 rods on one beat which were all surprisingly fresh grilse, & a First Ever Salmon (on fly) for Georges Caballero (France)

There are huge numbers of fish waiting in the 30km of tidal reaches for a flood
to run the main river. There is some fairly heavy rain now forecast for Saturday.

We have just a few rods available for September,
but good availability for the extension to October 12th.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Challenging Conditions but only two blank days for August.......

This is Celso Viera from Spain who had never fished a river before -
- his fishing experience being for tuna off the south of Spain.
On just his second day fishing (Saturday 24th.) with us (guided by Glenda)
he caught his First Ever Salmon which was exceptional enough,
but he then went on to catch his second the very same day.

This brings our total of First Ever Salmon caught here to 13 for the season.

On the 25th., Mark Allsop (UK) caught his first ever on the fly.

Fishing remains challenging due to the low water (Ballyduff gauge on 0.19m),
but we are still getting fish virtually every day in spite of the conditions.

 We had superb fishing in early August, but it has slowed up
in the last 2 weeks due to low water.
For the 7 days to Saturday 10th.,we landed 108 fish to 12lb. for just 87 rod days.

The August total is 175 for 205 rod days which is excellent given the conditions.
We have only had two blank days in August - the 2nd.  & the 26th.

One Italian guest landed 46 salmon in the 20 days to the 23rd.,
and he lost one very large fish on the 21st. on the upper river which he estimated at 1.10m long & about 25lb.  He had played the fish for at least 10 minutes and had seen the fish very clearly.

See my latest Newsletter (August 18) on

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

 The water continues to fine down very slowly & is @ 0.24m on the Ballyduff gauge. this morning. There is some light rain forecast for Thursday & again on Saturday.

There have been few rods fishing in the last couple of days, but we had 3 fish caught on Sunday, & two rods on one beat yesterday (Monday) landed 8 fish & lost 4 more.

The August total is 128 which is already the best for the month since 2009 - & this is only in the first 12 days! The season total to date is 270.

See my latest Newsletter (August 7) on

Prospects are looking good for the coming week.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Superb Fishing in the last Week.........................................

With the spell of dry weather, the river has fined off to summer level.
The Ballyduff gauge is now on 0.26m this morning & the clarity is 4-5 feet.
The forecast for the week is dry except for some light rain perhaps on Wednesday & Thursday.

We have had superb fishing in the last week. For the 7 days to Saturday 10th.,
we have taken 108 fish to 12lb. for just 87 rod days. The August total is 118
which is already the best for the month for the last 4 years - & this is only in the first 10 days!

Fresh fish are continuing to run in good numbers.
One angler who was fishing our top beat just below Mallow (28 miles/45km upriver)
caught 4 sea-liced grilse in one hour in the late afternoon & lost 2 more.

Excellent for the coming week. Very small flies are the most successful.
There's no problem for availability for fishing & accommodation for most of August.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Another 18 Salmon yesterday.......................................

18 fish caught yesterday to 9lb. for 14 rod days.
Total for last 5 days is 89 for 66 rod days.
August total 97 & Season 239/
Forecast continues dry so superb conditions continue!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Best Day Record for 2013 broken twice in the last 2 days.

The Best Day for 2013 record which was established on Sunday with 20 fish caught
lasted just 2 days.
On Tuesday, we caught 21 fish to 12lb. for just 10 rod days.
This new record however only lasted one day as yesterday we recorded 22 fish to 7lb.
for 17 rod days.
We have now caught a staggering 71 fish for 52 rod days in the last 4 days.

The August total is now 76 fish, & the Season Total is 219.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Four foot flood helps us smash Best Day of Season record............

A Well-needed Flood
A dirty 4 foot flood hit the river on Friday, August 2nd. peaking at 1.28m.
This was just what we needed to bring the huge numbers of fish waiting in the tidal reaches
up into the main river. This resulted in our only blank day in the 16 days to August 5th.

The Day Record is Smashed!
By Saturday evening, it had dropped to 0.51m but was still coloured.
There were 4 fish caught that day.
The river fined down to good order on Sunday, and we smashed our record
for the Best Day of 2013 with 20 fish to 11lb.caught for just 12 rod days.
The previous best day was eight fish. Two anglers each had four for the day, one of which had both his first & second ever fly-caught salmon. The other had fish of 11,10, 7 & 3lb.
Nine fell to fly & 11 to spinner. Fourteen were caught on the upper river & six on the lower beats.

Mat Burbridge with his First Ever Fly Caught Salmon which he released.

We now have 60 fish caught for just 70 rod days in the last 16 days.

There was very heavy rain in the middle catchment for a couple of hours on Sunday evening which gave another 1½ foot flood yesterday morning

 This is the picture of rainfall & Ballyduff gauge height for the last month.
It has been very unsettled for the last fortnight, but is now settling.

This was the picture of the river below the Lodge this morning after the two recent floods.
Ballyduff gauge height 0.43m. 
Clarity 1-1½ feet early this morning improving to ~2 feet by lunchtime.

With a river fining down rapidly, a dry forecast for the week & large numbers of fish running,

we look set to have fabulous sport in the coming week.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

At last - a rise in the river and fish running in good numbers!

Yesterday, just one rod (Daniel Kadlubowski above) went out at about 2.00pm.
He released a couple of grilse around 6.00pm & I joined him at 7.30pm.
Shortly after I landed this 11.8lb salmon for him which is his Personal Best.
I then released a grilse & lost a bigger very fresh fish of ~6lb. All fell to small flies.
Another grilse was caught on the upper river late in the evening making the total 5 for the day.

This was the river below the Lodge @ 08.40 this morning.
Gauge height then was 0.71m and the clarity was ~ 1-1 ½ feet.
At  11.30 it was up further to 0.78m.

This was the rainfall radar picture @ 12.00 today showing further heavy rain
which looks as if it will get into the upper catchment.

Whilst we probably won't get a very big flood, the rain falling in the upper catchment
will help to maintain the level and give the river a good flush out.

There are reports of good numbers of fish moving from the tidal water
up into the main river, so the prospects for sport
are looking superb coming up to the weekend.

In spite of the low water in the last week or so, we have not had a blank day for the last 11 days.
We have caught 24 fish to 11.8lb. for just 43 rod days in the 11 days.