Sunday, 6 October 2013

Superb Day yesterday October 6th. Nine fish to 15½lb...............................................

Total catch for yesterday was nine fish. Best was Tim Harty's 15½lb above which was comparatively clean.
Tim's was the only fish off the lower river but there were at least 7 fish hooked briefly there as fish were taking short as the clarity on the lower river wasn't as good as the upper.
Conor Arnold caught the 3 fish above on one of our upper beats yesterday
The 13lb. was a comparatively clean fish.

Clarity throughout today is excellent & it's perfect fly height. 1.27m at Killavullen & 0.34m at Ballyduff.

Young Jack McNally (who had 2 fish on the topmost beat yesterday) already has two today by 12.00 on the lower river including another clean fish of 12lb.

There's no problem for availability in the last days of the season.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Upper river comes into order & fish taken........

This comparatively clean 9lb. fish was the second of the two taken by Conor Arnold
on one of our uppermost beats this morning.
Another 4 rod party fishing two upper beats have met a couple of fish & are seeing fish running. They report the clarity as a good 2 feet on the upper river @ 13.00.

Picture is river at 12.00 today. Gauge 0.65m.
It's a lovely sunny day & the rain looks as if it's finished with a dry forecast for the next 5 days. The upper river is dropping & fining down well.

The lower river is dropping (coming just to fly height) but the clarity fell from 1½ feet @ 8am to a foot at midday resulting from the rise on the upper river yesterday.

The prospects for the coming days are SUPERB & we have both fishing & accommodation available.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rain & higher water & then dry for next week..............................................

This is the rainfall radar at 07.45 this morning.
Tracking from the South-East so it may not hit the upper catchment.
Some more lighter rain tonight & then the  forecast is dry right through the weekend.

This  is the gauge height at Millstreet - 20 miles above Mallow.
Holding a higher level after the peak of the flood on Tuesday.
This should be good to help clear the river & keep the level up for the fish in the tide to run.

This is the gauge at Killavullen close to the top of our beats.
Shows a similar picture to Millstreet with height being maintained at a good level.

 This is the Ballyduff gauge.
Still falling after the peak of the flood early yesterday.

Just approaching fly height throughout & clarity is a foot or so throughout but improving.

The very latest radar now shows the rain easing & keeping well east of the upper catchment.

Looking superb for the remainder of the season to the 12th.
The river river should come into excellent fly order
& hopefully the fish will all be moving up from the tidal water.
Large numbers of fish running on the upper beats yesterday.

Availability of fishing & accommodation is OK for the remaining 10 days.