Monday, 25 November 2013

Help us say No to Electricity Pylons in our Valley !!!!

If you have ever - or are thinking about visiting the Beautiful Blackwater Valley then please take a little time to read this & add your voice to our protest.
We all appreciate the need for infrastructure, but the alternative is simple.  Bury the lines underground!

Help us say No to Electricity Pylons in our Valley !!!!
Do we really want these monstrosities crossing over our beautiful river?
The Blackwater is known as the "Irish Rhine"   because of the beauty surrounding its majestic valley & meandering course.

Eirgrid are responsible for the electricity distribution network in Ireland.
They are planning on a grid route along or across the Blackwater Valley.
This has been brought in through the back door with little or no publicity or opportunity for the   people of the area to have their say.

There is a public consultation period which ends
this coming Tuesday, November 26 at 17.00

Please help us by adding your voice and input to this process.

Otis Ferry (Son of Roxy Music's Brian Ferry) fished with us in 2010 & knows the beauty of the valley. He emailed me:
Dear Ian.

I hope your keeping well. i don't have much time to write, but a short email is better than nothing given the timeframe.  You will be aware of the pylon threat in the backwater valley, and I wondered of you would use your influence and contact database to get the message out to your regulars and one time visitors that its vital they write and object immediatelyif you wish to save the landscape.
Your webpage would be a good start as it already champions the beauty of the valley.....
What you Need to do NOW please................

All submissions should be sent immediately via, and must be completed before the deadline of 5pm Tuesday 26th November.
The more submissions the better, each letter has to be unique so it would be fantastic to get as many people involved as possible so that
we have a chance of burying these pylons, and saving our beautiful landscape.  

Below is a sample letter that may be of some use.  Please feel free to modify it & use it as you feel appropriate!

Mr. John Lowry, Project Manager, License F5007, Eirgrid PO Box 12213, Glenageary, Dublin 4

Re: Objection to Grid Link corridors in particular at K3, K6 & K19, and also at K11, K12 & K13

Dear Mr. Lowry,
I object to the proposal to place 400kV pylons and overhead wire along planned Route Corridors K16, K21 and K22 of the Eirgrid, Grid Link Project. 
The wildlife that surrounds the Blackwater is a true testament to the wonderful environment we find ourselves in. The otters, the wild salmon, the Whooper swans (protected species under the Annex 1 EU Directive on birds) that inhabit the area are rare and should be protected. Hence, the fact that the Blackwater valley is also recognised by Waterford County Council as a Visually Vulnerable Area, the most sensitive landscape designation available.
I fear the erection of the pylons, I do not want to have to live in fear of my home that I have lived in all of my life.  It sickens me that this is a possibility.  The pylons must go elsewhere where they do not aesthetically destruct the environment and the views that lend themselves to such a unique landscape.  There are other options, these option must be sought out i.e. going underground.  27-60m pylons are not an option as far as I am concerned, this is the same view shared by my surrounding community. 
The welfare of our children are at stake here, and the magnitude of the financial damage to our homes unbearable.  I fear that this is know by Eirgrid, hence the deception of hiding the plans from us and not advertising in our area which will be effected in such a despicable way.  This is in violation of the Aarhus Convention, hiding this information was immoral and unacceptable.  I urge you to thoughtfully reconsider the route and take into account the effects on our beautiful Irish landscape.  
Please confirm receipt of this submission to my address below.
Yours sincerely

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BREAKING NEWS: EirGrid ‘will look at’ underground pylon plan as row deepens - See more at:
BREAKING NEWS: EirGrid ‘will look at’ underground pylon plan as row deepens - See more at:

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

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