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Latest Newsletter - June 23

Blackwater Lodge Newsletter - June 23, 2013

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22 fish to 17lb. in the last week.
June 20:  New Best Day of the Season. Eight fish to 12¼lb. - seven on fly.
June 22:  New Best Fish of the Season. 17lb. - taken on fly.
A small fresh on the river today plus spring tides early this coming week
should ensure a great run of fish & fantastic sport this week.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Slight rise on upper river.

                                                          This is the river today @10.30.

The upper river at Millstreet has risen 5cm between 01.00 & 09.00 this morning.
The level hasn't changed anywhere from Mallow down. Very windy day today.
Forecast is dry for the coming week & winds calming from tomorrow (Monday) on.
Spring tides peaking at 4.0 metres from tomorrow to Wednesday which should help
to keep the run of large fish coming in. River conditions absolutely perfect.
Ballyduff gauge 0.38m this morning & clarity 4+ feet.

Best Fish of the 2013 Season...........................................................

Best Fish of the Season!
Kieran Conlon arrived at the upper river, had 3 casts & landed a sea-liced 17 pounder which he released. 3 more casts and he landed a sea-liced 12¾ pounder!

Bernard Seal had a guided morning with Glenda
having never salmon fished before.

He put on a fly having just learnt to cast a double hander
& on his third cast caught a 13.7lb. sea-liced fish
which took half an hour to land & almost emptied his reel!
(see pics below).

Another 11.4lb. fish & a grilse this evening - both on fly.
Total rods for the day was just nine and 5 fish taken including four double figure fish.

The total number of fish caught for June is 48 for 138 rod days.
Total for the season to date is 81.


The river is in perfect fishing order especially for the fly.There is little or no rain forecast for the coming week, and we have spring tides peaking at 4.0m from Monday to Wednesday. This should encourage even more large sea-liced fish to move in.
We have availability of fishing and accommodation for the coming week.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Four fish to 14lb. in a dirty flood..................................................

The river was dropping today, but the clarity remained rather poor at 1-1½ feet.
In spite of this, we had 4 fish for just 5 rod days, including fish of 14 & 12.5lb.
The river has fallen to fly height, but the clarity needs to improve, which should happen by tomorrow. The forecast is dry up until Saturday, so we can expect fantastic sport for the latter part of the week.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Two First Ever Salmon caught in the flood!

River Height:   Ballyduff: June 17:  0.66m @ 10.00 & rising.  Peaked @ 1.09m @ 21.15.
                         The upper river at Millstreet rose 56cm & peaked at 1.31m @ 07.00 this morning.
                         It is down to 0.90m @ 22.45 
                         The upper river at Mallow peaked @ 1.45m @ 12.30. Down to 1.19m @ 22.45.

Despite high dirty water, the Touchais party from France caught two fish of 5lb. (sea-liced) & 7.7lb.,
both on spinner & both released. They were both first ever salmon.
 Prospects:  With the river fining down & large runs of fish coming through,
                    prospects are SUPERB for the coming week.
                    The forecast remains dry from now until the weekend at least. 

Monday, 17 June 2013

A second flood in 3 days will ensure fantastic sport this week!

This was the river @ 10.00 this morning. Gauge height 0.66m & rising.
There was another 20mm rain yesterday (Sunday 16th), but the forecast is now for dry weather
right up to Saturday at least.
River Height:  
Ballyduff: June 17:  0.66m @ 10.00 & rising.  0.78m @ 12.15.
                                  The upper river at Millstreet rose 56cm & peaked at 07.00 this morning.
                                  The upper river at Mallow is up 45cm by 07.15 from 21.00 last night & rising.
                                  The upper river at Killavullen is up from 1.42m @ 21.00 to 2.11m @ 12.15
                                  & peaking.
Clarity on both the upper & lower river is fair at about 1½ feet.
The Awbeg & Funcheon tributaries are running clear, & though the Araglen
is running rather coloured this morning, this usually clears quickly.

Temperatures °C
Water @    Ballyduff:    June 17:  10.9°C @ 08.00. Rising slowly.
Water @ Killavullen:    June 15:   11.3 - 11.6°C.
     Air @    Ballyduff:    June 15:   13°C @ 10.00
 Run of Fish:  Picking up very well at the moment.
                      Both sea-liced grilse & May salmon being caught right up as far as Mallow.
                      There was a huge run of fish went over the weir in Fermoy yesterday
                       (Saturday 15th.) witnessed by dozens of people watching on the bridge!
                       There were plenty of fish running through Ballygarrett (our top beat) yesterday
                       evening & through Ballyhooly Bridge this morning, where
one sea-liced 5 pounder has already been released on spinner by 12.00.  It was a First Ever Salmon too!.
 Catches:  Best Day of Season so far on June 8th. Six fish to 12lb.
                 Five on fly (including two of 12lb.) on the 12th. for 5 rod days.
                 Five caught - four on fly (including an 11.5lb) on the 13th. for 5 rod days.
                 New BEST DAY OF SEASON. June 14. Seven fish to 8.2lb. Five on fly.

 Methods:  Spin/worm on the upper & lower river today in spots which fish in high water.

Prospects:  The upper river has peaked & is now falling.
                  The lower river is spinnable for now & will peak later in the day.
                  With a dry forecast from now the fishing should be superb from tomorrow on! 

Latest Blackwater Lodge Newsletter - June 16th., 2013

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Best Day of the Season yet again!

 Best Day of the Season yet again!
On Friday, June 14th., we once again broke the record for the Best Day.
Seven fish were taken - five on the fly - including the Best Fish of the Day
which was a First Ever Salmon for Marek Sekula.
He caught it on a single hand rod & it weighed 8.2lb (see picture above).
One beat produce 4 fish including 3 to one rod (2 on fly).
We have a bit more rain today and then the forecast is dry for the rest of the week.

Prospects look superb for the coming days.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Five more today & a huge fish lost

With just five rods fish today we again had five fish caught - four to 11.5lb. were caught on fly.
Dave McDowell from N. Ireland lost a very big fish on the Island Stream on Lower Kilmurry this morning.
Good numbers of both grilse & large salmon are running & the river is in absolutely perfect fly order.

Five on the fly yesterday!

Yesterday, we had 5 fish taken - all on the fly - for a mere 5 rod days. Two fish were 12lb. The picture shows Denis O'Donnell with his sea-liced fish from Lower Kilmurry. The other four came from the upper river. All fell to small shrimp flies on floating or intermediate tips. There were a few more good fish lost as well.
The river is in absolutely perfect order having had just a small fresh yesterday which seems to have livened the fish up!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June 8th. Best Day of the Season so far! Two double figure fish on fly today!

June 8th. Best Day of the Season so far! Great Prospects for the next week fishing! Latest Newsletter: June 10th. The river is in perfect fly order today. At 14.00 I spoke to the only 2 rods out today. One had just landed a fish of 13-14lb. on the upper river and the other had just caught a sea-liced fish ~12lb on the lower river - both on fly

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