Friday, 25 July 2014

Some Torrential localised rain hits catchment

Soem very heavy very localised showers
hit parts of the catchment yesterday afternoon.
This was Millstreet at 08.30 this morning.
Peaked at 20.30 last night - up 20cm.

This was Mallow at 09.15 this morning.
Peaked at 06.30 this morning - up 14cm.

This was Killavullen at 09.00 this morning. Almost peaking - up 12cm.

This was Ballyduff at 09.15 this morning.
Peaked at 22.30 last night at 0.50m - up 30cm.
Dropped then rose & peaked at 0.35m at 09.00.

This was the river below the Lodge at 10.40. Height 0.34m & zero clarity.
The water is extremely dirty down here, coming in primarily from the Araglen below Fermoy but also from the Awbeg at Castletownroche.
The clarity on the top beats just below Mallow was 2-3 feet at 11.00 this morning & is still good at 14.00.

Hopefully this bit of water will be sufficient to bring fresh fish in from the tide & stir up the resident fish in the middle & upper beats which is what happened last weekend.
The number of rods fishing has been low in the last 2 weeks due to the hot sunny weather, but hopefully this fresh together with cooler weather next week will encourage more anglers to get out & more fish to be caught.
Availability for accommodation & fishing is OK in the coming weeks.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Two One Foot plus floods hit the river in quick succession & give Best Bag this year so far!

Sunday, July 20: 

Conor Arnold caught 4 fish to 13lb. - all after 7pm on spinner
on the upper river - 2, 3½, 9 & 13lb. All were released alive.
Mike Foran also had one 5lb. sea-liced on spinner on the lower river.


This was Conor's 13lb. hen fish.

Conor also caught this 9lb. cock plus grilse of 2 & 3 ½lb.

Two floods of about 0.40m hit the upper river at 10.00 on Friday the 18th. & again at 22.00 on Saturday 19th. (see graph below)

The river at Killavullen rose 16cm to 1.26m at 23.00 on the 18th.
& to 1.46m at 08.00 on Sunday 20th. (see graph below).

The river at Ballyduff rose 9cm to 0.28m at 10.00 on the 19th.
& has peaked  at 0.47m at 17.00 on Sunday 20th. (see graph below).


Friday, 11 July 2014

Challenging conditions but a few being caught.............

             This was the river below the Lodge at 06.40 this morning.

Ballyduff gauge height 0.23m & the river is falling steadily
for the last 2½ weeks.

In spite of very low water & very few rods fishing, there are still sea-liced fish being caught - though they are becoming more elusive at the moment.
Catch so far this season is 105 with 51 for June & 12 so far for July.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Two First Salmon & even a Second for Father & Son in One Day

Michael Murray had been fishing with us a couple of times already this season searching for his First Ever Salmon.
On July 1st. he succeeded - landing this sparkling grilse on spinner on Ballinaroone in challenging conditions.

He was fishing with his son Nathan who then proceeded to catch his First Ever Salmon as well. Michael then went on to catch his Second Ever the same day just to prove that it was no fluke. Well done both!

Finally the weather breaks..........................

The weather has finally broken & we have some rain this morning.
I have 5mm on my gauge at the Lodge by 07.30 this morning.
This is the rainfall radar picture at 05.00 this morning.
A band of rain is passing over the catchment from the south-west.

At 07.00 the river is up 1cm at Ballyduff, but has not risen on the upper river.
At least the air feels a lot fresher this morning!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Report for the last 11 days - Best Day of Season (June 28) & Four First Ever Salmon!

Report for the last 11 days since June 22.
Best Day of Season (June 28) & Four First Ever Salmon!

We have caught 20 salmon & grilse to 11lb. in the last 11 days for 90 rod days.

We had an 18cm rise in the water on June 27.
Up to then, we had a sea-liced grilse each day on June 23, 25 & 27.

Since then the river has been falling steadily.

Best Day of the Season so Far.
On the 28th., we caught six fish from 8 to 11lb.

Larry & Mike Sheridan took these 3 fish in rather coloured water on the upper river on the 28th.

Four First Ever Salmon
Renato Batista (Italy) caught a sea-liced grilse on June 25.
On July 1st., Michael Murray & his son Nathan both caught their First Ever Salmon & Michael caught his Second Ever the same day.

On July 3rd., Raymond Tanghe (Belgium) caught his First Ever with this grilse.

The weather is breaking today & some rain is expected going into the weekend. This should improve the prospects of sport for the coming weekend.

There is no problem for accommodation & fishing for the coming weeks.