Friday, 27 June 2014

Upper river peaks up 5 inches ......................

This is the height at Millstreet for the last 24 hours.
The upper river at Millstreet peaked @ 01.15 this morning - up 13cm.

At Killavullen it is up 9cm & still rising slowly.

This is the height at Ballyduff for the last 24 hours.

This small rise should be good to stir them up.


A small fresh to liven up the river.............

This was the rainfall radar at 07.45 on Thursday June 26th.
I had 15mm rain on my gauge at the Lodge in the morning & another 8mm fell in the day. There was 11mm rain in Mallow overnight.
In fact, the effect thus far (01.00am on the morning of Friday the 27th.) seems to be minimal.

The river at Millstreet is up 12cm at 01.00 but still rising.At Ballyduff it rose 6cm peaking late afternoon & is falling.

Prospects should be good as this small rise should liven the river & the fish up after the recent very hot weather.

There is no problem for availability for fishing & accommodation.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Consistent fishing with some big fish lost.....................................

Report for the Four Weeks from May 24 to June 21.

For this period when have had 52 fish to 14.6lb for just 180 rod days.
Of these, 21 were over 10lb. & 11 were over 9lb.
Just 11 came from the lower river & 41 from the upper river.
Some very large fish have been met but lost.
One June 6, one of around 30lb. was lost on the Bridge Pool at Ballyhooly.
On June 13, one of @20lb. was lost whilst being beached when the angler 6 piece rod exploded into a 9 piece.
On June 20, another fish ~20lb. was lost - again on the Bridge Pool at Ballyhooly.
One of these days one of these very big fish will be landed.

The river was falling steadily up until June 6 & had got down to 0.33m on the Ballyduff gauge at that stage. It rose to 0.96m on June 7 & further to 1.04m on the 10th. Since then it has been falling steadily & is at 0.32m.

During this time we have had only four blanks days.
The weather has been very warm & sunny in the last week or so, but it looks as if it is going to break from about Wednesday on which will help the fishing even more.

To see photos of some of the fish caught, please go to my Photo Galleries for May & June

Ok for the coming weeks for both accommodation & fishing.