Monday, 14 September 2015

Highest Flood at Ballyduff all Season!

 The river below the Lodge at 18.00 today. Gauge height:  2.20m.

Plenty of rain in the catchment for the last 24 hours & this will continue until late evening. It should then be dry from tomorrow to the end of the week albeit unsettled.

The upper river at Millstreet rose 2.0m since 14.00 yesterday & peaked at 13.30 today.

The Killavullen gauge started to rise again at 16.30 yesterday & is up 2.0m to 3.60m at 22.00 tonight & is just about to peak.

The Funcheon & Araglen tributaries were both very high & dirty at 09.00 this morning.

The Ballyduff gauge started to rise at nightfall last night & is up 1.60m to 2.45m by 22.00 today & close to peaking.

Despite the height the river has a sedimenty colour rather than muddy. This usually drops out rather quickly so we should have better clarity rather more quickly. Hopefully it will be in fishable order faster than we think!

Water temperature at Ballyduff: 13.1ºC / 55.5ºF & steady.

There were no rods out on the river at all today. There were two grilse caught yesterday on the very top beat just below Mallow as the level dropped until early afternoon on the upper river.
Catch for September so far is 27 & 395 for the season to date.

The river may barely be spinnable tomorrow in high water spots if it drops quickly.
This flood should bring in the run of larger autumn fish so the prospects of sport in the coming week should be excellent. It combines with tides peaking at 3.8m at Youghal from today until Wednesday this week.

No problem for rods & accommodation at the moment.

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