Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Highest Flood at Ballyduff all Season & a dry forecast = superb prospects!

The river at 07.10 this morning. Gauge height:  2.56m


Dry overnight. Forecast is dry up to the weekend with a likelihood of some rain on Sunday & Monday. High pressure should then build for the following week.
The last rain obviously fell rather further down the catchment as gauges from Killavullen down rose higher than during the flood 2 days previously.

The upper river at Millstreet peaked at 13.00 yesterday.

The Killavullen gauge Peaked at midnight last night at 3.68m & is down to 2.40m at 11.00 today.

The Funcheon is still running high & dirty at 09.00 this morning.

The Ballyduff gauge peaked at 2.58m at 03.00 this morning & is down to 2.32m at 11.00 this morning.

Despite the height the river has a sedimenty colour rather than muddy. This usually drops out rather quickly so we should have better clarity rather more quickly. It is carrying a heavy peat stain which will become more apparent as the sediment colour drops out.Hopefully it will be in fishable order faster than we think!

Water temperature at Ballyduff: Fallen to 12.5ºC / 54.5ºF.


There were no rods out on the river at all yesterday. There are 5 who have ventured out today (with some cause for optimism) to fish probably the only stretch on the whole river which might produce a fish at this height which is on one of our middle beats.

Looking absolutely superb for the last 2 weeks of the season!
The river should be moderately spinnable tomorrow in high water spots as it is dropping quite quickly – though not as fast as the last flood due to the higher level of ground water..
This flood should bring in the run of larger autumn fish so the prospects of sport in the coming week should be excellent. It combines with tides peaking at 3.8m at Youghal up until Wednesday this week.

No problem for rods & accommodation at the moment.

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