Sunday, 13 September 2015

Highest river level since March 13.……………

Whole trees were coming down the river. 
This went past the Lodge this afternoon!

Following yesterday’s heavy rain there was a big rise in the river.
There is a bit more rain forecast for Monday & Wednesday.

The upper river at Millstreet rose 3.15m from midday yesterday peaking at 02.00 this morning.  It was back down 2.65m by 21.00 this evening.

Killavullen started to rise at 17.00 yesterday & peaked at 3.60m at 15.00 today – up 2.45m. It has fallen to 2.18m by 21.15 this evening.

Fermoy started to rise at 20.00 yesterday & peaked at 2.02m at 18.00 today – up 1.88m. It has fallen to 1.71m by 21.15 this evening.

The Ballyduff gauge is up 1.91m by 21.15 to 2.13m & is just peaking now.

Water temperature at Ballyduff: 13.3ºC / 55.9ºF.


No fish were caught today because the river was in a high dirty flood.
Catch for September so far is 25 & 393 for the season to date.

The river will be spinnable tomorrow in high water spots.
This flood should bring in the run of larger autumn fish so the prospects of sport in the coming week should be excellent.

No problem for rods & accommodation at the moment.

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