Thursday, 17 September 2015

Today we passed the 400 fish for the season mark!

    The river below the Lodge at 19.30 this evening. Gauge height:  1.08m

Dry since yesterday evening. The forecast is dry up to Sunday night when there will be some light rain.

The upper river at Millstreet rose in the early hours but is now falling once more. Clarity was about a foot on the upper river.

The Killavullen gauge rose this morning, but is down to 1.79m at 23.00.

The Ballyduff gauge has risen slightly during the afternoon after yesterday’s showers. It is now dropping once more & is down to 1.02m at 23.00 this evening. 

The clarity on the lower river was 2 feet this afternoon with a peat stain.

Water temperature at Ballyduff: steady at 12.8ºC / 55.1ºF.


Three fish from Lower Kilmurry & three from Ballyhooly – best 8lb. All were coloured & all were released.

Looking absolutely superb for the last 2 weeks of the season!
The river is in excellent spinning order & should be fly fishable by tomorrow on the upper river. This flood should bring in the run of larger autumn fish so the prospects of sport into the weekend should be excellent.

Fully booked for fishing on Saturday & Sunday & for accommodation on Friday & Saturday. OK from then to the 30th.  at the moment.

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